Full Legs                       $70
With Regular Bikini    $85
Lower Legs                  $35
Upper Legs                  $45
With Regular Bikini   $60

Bikini                            $25
G-String           $35 to $55
Brazilian        $60 to $120
Tummy Line      $5 to $20

Full Chest        $50 to $65
Full Back          $50 to $65
Teen Clean Facial        $68

This facial is for those who need a deep pore cleansing but also want some relaxation! Includes a neck and shoulders massage.

Deep Pore Cleansing        $55  

This treatment is recommended for those who are only interested in a deep cleansing of the skin. Special enzymes and serum are used to soften impactions preparing the skin for extraction. The treatment is finished with a healing mask appropriate for your skin.

Galvanic Deep Pore Cleansing       $65

This Deep Pore Cleansing treatment uses galvanic current to disencrust the pores. Extractions are followed by a healing serum applied with a high frequency current.

Naturallè Beautiful Facial &
                       Aromatherapy Body Treatment        $185 

Skin Brightening Facial &
                       Aromatherapy Body Treatment        $170

Naturallè Beautiful Facial &
                       Dead Sea Salt Body Glow                 $170

Glycolic Mini Facial &
                       Dead Sea Salt Body Glow               $150

Body Services

Acne Treatments

Aromatherapy Body Treatments        $99

Treat yourself to relaxing and detoxifying essential oils, hydrating serum, and body cream that are applied with an effleurage massage. The ultimate treatment for maximum relaxation.

* Add Dead Sea Salt Scrub      $55

Dead Sea Salt Body Glow       $80

Sea Salt is used to gently buff the entire body leaving your skin velvety soft and smooth. An application of a hydrating body lotion completes the treatment.

Body Treatments

Spa Specials

Brow Wax                     $20
Lip & Brow                    $25
Lip, Chin, Jawline,
Sideburns, or Neck  $10 ea.
Full Face                        $45
Full Face & Neck           $50

Underarms                   $20
1/2 Arms                       $30
Full Arms                       $45
Hands or Feet                 $5

Waxing Services

Beauty Therapy

Naturallè Beautiful Skincare